Chapter Officers
Full Name Title Branch
Mr. Paul E. Barnett, PE President (Branch)
Mr. Scott L. Bressler President (Branch) Southwest
Ms. Amy J. Wood President (Branch)
Mr. Darryl K. Hughes President (Branch) Central
Mr. Frederick M. Stovall President Ohio
Ms. Shelby R. Ingle, PE President Elect (Branch) Southwest
Mrs. Jacolyn C. Thiel President Elect Central
Ms. Diane Sue Watkins President Elect Ohio
Ms. Sonja Simpson President Elect Ohio
Mr. Michael S. Sweder, PE Past President (Branch) Central
Mr. Frank M. Phillips, Jr Past President (Branch)
Mr. Eric Middlebrook, MPA Past President (Branch) Southwest
Mrs. Angela M. Weber Past President Ohio
Mr. Tim D. Clapper Vice President (Branch) Central
Mrs. Alison L. Haskins, PE Vice President (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Jay A. Muether, PS, ASLA Secretary (Branch) Central
Ms. Jennifer N. Hale Secretary (Branch) Southwest
Ms. Teresa J. Smith Secretary (Branch)
Mr. Randall J. Bowman, PE Secretary Ohio
Mr. Michael Dreisbach Treasurer (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Larry M. Lester, Jr Treasurer (Branch) Central
Mr. Kevin William Miller Treasurer (Branch)
Mrs. Valerie D. Klingman, PE, PS Treasurer Ohio
Mr. Anthony A. DiPietro Delegate Ohio
Mr. David Riggs, PE Director (Branch) Southwest
Ms. Diane Sue Watkins Director (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Eric Keebler Director (Branch) Southwest
Mr. James Brinegar, PE Director (Branch) Southwest
Mrs. Angela M. Weber Director (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Robert L. Sizemore, CPFP Director (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Brian Dahm Director (Branch) Southwest
Mr. William L. Highfill Director (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Matt J. Yunger Director (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Samuel T. Sine Director (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Eric G. Baxter Director (Branch) Southwest

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