Chapter Officers
Full Name Title Branch
Mrs. Jacolyn C. Thiel President Ohio
Mr. Joshua Ford President (Branch) Central
Mr. Daniel J. Arthur, PE President (Branch) Southwest
Ms. Kim K. Roessner President (Branch)
Mr. Joseph Fornaro, CPWP-M President (Branch)
Mr. Larry M. Lester, Jr President Elect Ohio
Mrs. Cindi D. Fitzpatrick, P Eng President Elect (Branch) Central
Mr. Joshua DeHart President Elect (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Dennis J. Boyle President Elect (Branch)
Mr. Steven E. Trzcinski President Elect (Branch)
Mrs. Alison L. Haskins, PE Past President Ohio
Mr. Brian K. Moore, PE Past President (Branch) Central
Ms. Jennifer N. Hale Past President (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Paul E. Barnett, PE Past President (Branch)
Mr. Paul G. Walsh Vice President Ohio
Mr. Michael S. Sweder, PE Vice President (Branch) Central
Mr. Warren L. Barnes Vice President (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Kevin G. Aller, PE Vice President (Branch)
Mr. Sam Scaffide Vice President (Branch)
Mr. Kevin Weaver Secretary Ohio
Ms. Nina Duerk Secretary (Branch) Central
Mrs. Angela M. Weber Secretary (Branch) Southwest
Ms. Amy J. Wood Secretary (Branch)
Ms. Teresa J. Smith Secretary (Branch)
Mr. Anthony A. DiPietro Delegate Ohio
Mrs. Valerie D. Klingman, PE, PS Treasurer Ohio
Mr. Larry M. Lester, Jr Treasurer (Branch) Central
Mr. Michael Dreisbach Treasurer (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Joshua L. Quinlan Treasurer (Branch)
Mr. Matthew Steven Schweikert Treasurer (Branch)
Mrs. Jacolyn C. Thiel Alternate Delegate Ohio
Mr. Steven P. Koch, MBA Director (Branch) Central
Ms. Victoria Beale, JD, SPHR Director (Branch) Central
Mr. Paul G. Walsh Director (Branch) Central
Mrs. Jacolyn C. Thiel Director (Branch) Central
Mr. Dan Whited, PE Director (Branch) Central
Heidi Rose Director (Branch) Central
Ms. Diane Sue Watkins Director (Branch) Southwest
Ms. Shelby R. Ingle, PE Director (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Thomas Ritchie, Jr Director (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Eric Keebler Director (Branch) Southwest
Mr. James Brinegar, PE Director (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Robert L. Cron Director (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Lucas Darby Director (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Robert Leichman Director (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Mike Huxsoll Director (Branch) Southwest
Mrs. Alison L. Haskins, PE Director (Branch) Southwest
Scott Brown Director (Branch) Southwest
Mr. Robert R. Williams Director (Branch)
Mr. Don Nichols Director (Branch)
Mr. James Balogh Director (Branch)
Mr. Matthew Zimmerman Director (Branch)
Michael D. Pniewski, P.E., P.S. Director (Branch)
Mr. Henry E. Gulich Director (Branch)
Mr. Kevin William Miller Director (Branch)
Mr. Craig Lee Gorsuch Director (Branch)
Mr. David Snyderburn Director (Branch)
Mr. Joe A. Aquilino Director (Branch)
Mr. Patrick Alan Dobbins Director (Branch)
Mr. Kevin Powell Director (Branch)
Mr. Jonathan A. Bellack Director (Branch)
Mr. Karl M. Dickinson, Hi-Vac Corporation Director (Branch)
Ms. Emily Morrison Director (Branch)
Mr. Anthony A. DiPietro Director (Branch)
Mr. Frank M. Phillips, Jr Director (Branch)

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