Ohio Agencies Accredited by APWA

Accreditation & Self-Assessment

Since APWA began its Accreditation Program in 1996, the following agencies in Ohio have been granted accreditation:

Dublin (City of), OH, Department of Public Service

Department Head: To Be Announced, Director of Streets & Utilities

Phone: 614-410-4757

Accreditation Manager: Beth Lozier, Operations Administrator

Phone: 614-410-4753

Email: blozier@dublin.oh.us

Notes: Accredited April 25, 2003. Re-Accredited June 22, 2007; Re-Accredited June 24, 2011 and February 5, 2016.

Fairfield (City of), OH, Department of Public Works

Department Head: David Butsch, Director of Public Works

Email: dbutsch@fairfield-city.org

Phone: 513-867-4200

Accreditation Manager: Nick Castellini, GIS/GPS Mapping Technician

Phone: 513-867-4228

Email: ncastellini@fairfield-city.org

Notes: Accredited July 26, 2004. Re-Accredited October 3, 2008, October 15, 2012 and September 1, 2016

Fairfield (City of), OH, Department of Public Utilities

Department Head: David Crouch, Director of Utilities

Email: dcrouch@fairfield-city.org

Phone: 513-896-8157

Accreditation Manager: Cody Combs

Phone: 513-896-8157

Email: ccombs@fairfield-city.org

Notes: Accredited October 15, 2012. Re-Accredited September 1, 2016.

Union Township, OH, Department of Services

Department Head: Matt Taylor, Director of the Department of Services

Email: mtaylor@union-township.oh.us

Phone: 513-753-2221

Accreditation Manager: Shawn Hartness, Accreditation Manager

Phone: 513-947-2099

Email: shartness@union-township.oh.us

Notes: Accredited July 29, 2011. Re-Accredited July 7, 2015.

Westerville (City of), OH, Department of Public Service

Department Head: Kevin Weaver, Director of Public Service

Email: kevin.weaver@westerville.org

Phone: 614-901-6746

Accreditation Manager: John Dean, Accreditation Manager

Phone: 614-901-6746

Email: john.dean@westerville.org

Notes: Accredited October 21, 2010. Agency received Re-Accreditation May 22, 2015.

Mayfield Heights (City of), OH Public Service Department
Department Head
Joseph Fornaro, Director
Contact Email
Contact Phone
440-442-2626 ext.235
Accreditation Manager
Lorna Zeller, CSO-HR Director
440-442-2626 ext.249

The application and agreement applying for Accreditation was submitted and accepted on June 7, 2018.

The link below will provide you lists to all the agencies accredited and under contract to be accredited.



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