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Innovations in Sewer Maintenance – An APWA Central Ohio Webinar 

As our sanitary sewers continue to push towards, and in some cases past, their design life expectancy, maintenance is becoming more and more important to prevent pipe failures. As pipes deteriorate and Infiltration/Inflow (I/I) finds easier and quicker ways to enter the collection system, capacity issues come to the forefront as the occurrence of basement backups and overflows increase. While I/I is the main culprit in many capacity type issues, other things such as roots, sediment, and mineral deposits may contribute as well. In order to deal with these maintenance type issues, sanitary system owners analyze their systems to identify problem areas and implement cleaning and inspection programs and/or rehabilitation programs to mitigate their issues and extend the useful life of their collection system.

The City of Upper Arlington, Ohio has undergone such efforts to maintain their system and continue to provide a high level of service to their residents. Carla Odebralski is the City Engineer for Upper Arlington and as such oversees the improvements and maintenance of the collection system. She will discuss the City's approach to their sanitary system and the programs implemented to maintain the system. The City partnered with Burgess & Niple to assist them in working through various issues. Josh Ford is an engineer at Burgess & Niple and will discuss some some innovative approaches to system maintenance such as Artificial Intelligence, acoustic monitoring, 360 degree manhole inspections, and electronic structure inspection that links with GIS.

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Questions? Please contact Ohio LTAP at ltap@dot.ohio.gov or 614-387-7359.

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4/21/2021  11:00 AM - 4/21/2021  12:00 PM

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Columbus , OH ,

Contact Person :

Email : ltap@dot.ohio.gov
Phone : (614) 387-7359
Company : LTAP


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